Bundle splitting in Volto

Nilesh Gulia

Nilesh Gulia

Length: Short Talk

Target Level: Beginner

Target Audience: Developer, User

As an application scales, we need to make adjustments in Javascript bundle which gives a breathing space when it comes to loading massive client apps.
We cannot maintain a single javascript bundle as the application grows, it can hinder website performance in various cases.
A few different approaches we can take when it comes to bundle splitting JavaScript.
Dynamic code splitting: Dynamic code splitting adds the ability to point out the fields/components which we want to lazy-load i.e load on demand and split out in a separate bundle. This is opposite to statically load where we bundle out dependencies into a single file during build time.

This talk demonstrates how we recently inculcated and leveraged `loadable-components` into Volto core to load dynamic chunks while maintaining server side rendering.

When: From 12/7/20 4:50 PM to 12/7/20 5:20 PM CET — Download iCal