collective.collectionfilter as a Light-weight Faceted Navigation or a 'compare' Console

Fred van Dijk

Fred van Dijk

Length: Short Talk

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Integrator, Developer

If you want to add faceted navigation to your website, the go to add'on is eea.facetednavigation. There is however a more lightweight alternative if you use collective.collectionfilter. I have used this add'on in combination with a nested keyword add'on we developped at zest, collective.classifiers.

Another use case is that we wanted to allow a site visitor to compare a number of graphs/charts visually, without having to integrate the chart data into one 'übergraph' with all data series combined.

When: From 12/7/20 6:25 PM to 12/7/20 6:55 PM CET — Download iCal