Deploying Plone and Volto, the Hard Way

Asko Soukka

Asko Soukka

Length: Short Talk

Target Level: Expert

Target Audience: Developer

How about building Plone without buildout? Running Plone on Python 3 without WSGI? Deploying Plone and Volto with containers without Docker? Building all this in re-usable and safe manner in sandbox with restricted network access with Nix? Welcome to hear about our hipster setup where we lock, build and configure Plone deployments with Nix, insist to keep ZServer running on Python 3 for the love's sake, build software deployments into standalone tarball archives, and run them with Nomad – the simple on-premises-friendly alternative for K8S.

When: From 12/9/20 4:50 PM to 12/9/20 5:20 PM CET — Download iCal