Institutional Website - the longest project of my life

Ramiro Luz

Ramiro Luz

Length: Long Talk

Target Level: Beginner

Target Audience: Designer, Developer, User, Integrator

What is a life long project? It is a project? The behind the scenes of a institutional website that lived for mores than 18 (eighteen) years being maintained by the website team.

The talk will tell some anecdotes about my career, about the chronology of the project until it was substituted by the Portal Modelo, a product based on Plone, created and maintained by the Interlegis / Brazilian Legislative Institute (Instituto Legislativo Brasileiro). It may tell some lessons learned, lessons that maybe learned sometime, or not. :)

When: From 12/9/20 3:55 PM to 12/9/20 4:25 PM CET — Download iCal