Mockup Redone

Johannes Raggam

Johannes Raggam

Length: Long Talk

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Integrator, Developer

Plone's JavaScript framework Mockup bitterly shows its age and the resource registry is no different.

In Plone 6 there is an urgent need for a simpler, modern, and standards compliant way of developing, building, and delivering JavaScript for projects where Volto is not an option.

This is what the PLIP 3211 will deliver, and it's going to be amazing. Based on what Patternslib 4 already offers, it will feature ES6+ module imports, Webpack, dynamic imports, a simple resource registry, and most importantly: Just add your JavaScript and you're done.

This talk is about the upcoming rewrite and explains all the concepts.

When: From 12/8/20 3:55 PM to 12/8/20 4:40 PM CET — Download iCal