Keynote: The User Experience - Editing Composite Pages in Plone 6 and Beyond

Timo Stollenwerk Víctor Fernandez de Alba Sally Kleinfeldt Eric Steele Philip Bauer Paul Roeland

Timo Stollenwerk, Víctor Fernandez de Alba, Sally Kleinfeldt, Eric Steele, Philip Bauer, Paul Roeland

Length: Long Talk

Target Level: Beginner

Target Audience: User, Developer, Integrator, Designer

It may be a surprise to non-technical people to learn that pages created in Volto are not currently interoperable with traditional Plone's page editing. If you think about it, the reason becomes obvious. Volto, like Mosaic, creates tiled layouts, and like Mosaic it stores page data in special fields for the individual blocks and their layout. Neither Volto nor Mosaic pages are editable in TinyMCE, which expects just one rich text field.

Is this divergence between sites created in Volto and sites created in traditional Plone a problem? It does make it harder to describe what Plone is, and it might mean that there is no way to mix both approaches - for instance when part of a larger site is available as a Volto-based sub-site. Would it be possible to have one tool and one representation for tiled layouts so that we can avoid this divergence? Is there some other solution? Is it even a problem? Will Plone 6 be backwards compatible with Plone 5 and include a smooth upgrade path?

We will tackle these questions in this strategic panel discussion, moderated by Sally Kleinfeldt. Panelists will include Paul Roeland, Philip Bauer, Timo Stollenwerk, Victor Fernandez de Alba, and Eric Steele.

When: From 12/10/20 3:00 PM to 12/10/20 3:45 PM CET — Download iCal