Writing code, drawing ideas: sketchnoting for the workplace

Sara Peeters

Sara Peeters

Length: Long Talk

Target Level: Beginner

Target Audience: User, Developer, Integrator, Designer

In this fun Talk we will learn some easy drawing skills we can use at the workplace (or anywhere else). The combination of text and simple, symbolic drawings is such a great way to express ideas. Requirements, user stories, notes of meetings, talks, articles or tutorials, all can become much more engaging with a few extra illustrations. Though developers (and people in general) often think they can't draw, there are some easy tricks everyone can learn. In addition, drawing (engineering) concepts is a really fun way to spend your time! So grab a pen and paper, and let's draw!

This talk intends to appeal to an audience of all backgrounds and skill levels. On top of that I do my best to make it appropriate for all ages, so if people want to draw along together with their kids, that should work as well. By the end of this talk, attendees will have some inputs to be creative with pen and paper, and have learned some of the skills that go with it.

When: From 12/9/20 3:00 PM to 12/9/20 3:45 PM CET — Download iCal