Your Plone [Intranet] in a Box™

Kim Nguyen

Length: Long Talk

Target Level: Beginner

Target Audience: User

This talk should appeal to:

- newcomers who want an easy-to-setup intranet
- non-developers who want an easy way to set up a Plone site without having to hire a developer

Whether at or outside of work, we usually need to collaborate with others. Collaboration often revolves around documents and files, so we need a good BUT SIMPLE way of:

- storing, organizing, and sharing documents (such as meeting agendas) and files
- creating and filling out forms, retrieving submitted form data
- controlling access to documents and data
- selectively sharing information with outside groups
- searching through documents and data
- commenting and discussing
- audit trails and version histories

Plone is an excellent out of the box collaboration solution with rock-solid security track record. Learn how you can set up your own Plone [Intranet] in a Box™ in just a few minutes on any cloud provider and run it for as many users as you need, for only a few dollars per month.

In this talk, we will:

- walk through the super quick process of setting up a brand new Plone [Intranet] in a Box™ on a shiny new virtual machine running in the cloud
- compare several cloud providers you can use to create your Plone [Intranet] in a Box™ (Amazon AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean) +Plone SaaS
- we will demonstrate the features of your new Plone [Intranet] in a Box™ that enable the kind of collaboration every project team or work group needs
- we will cover how to make your new Plone [Intranet] in a Box™ enterprise-ready

When: From 12/10/20 3:55 PM to 12/10/20 4:40 PM CET — Download iCal