Mastering Plone 6 (Part 2)

Learn how to develop custom projects with Plone 6 and the new Frontend Volto
Philip Bauer Katja Süss

Instructor: Philip Bauer, Katja Süss

Target Level: Beginner

Target Audience: Integrator, Developer

What you will learn:

The core technologies involved in Plone 6 programming and how to write your own add-on package and customize your Plone site by writing Python code and React components.

Things to bring:

A laptop with code editor of your choice and with Plone installed as described in training instructions. It is extremely important that you join the class with a working Plone installation!


Basic Python and Javascript Knowledge. Basic experience with Plone.

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Mastering Plone 6, part 2

When: From 12/6/20 3:00 PM to 12/6/20 7:00 PM CET — Download iCal