Pyramid Quick Tutorial
Steve Piercy

Instructor: Steve Piercy

Target Level: Beginner

Target Audience: Developer, Integrator

Pyramid is a web framework for Python 2 or 3. This tutorial gives a Python 3-compatible, high-level tour of its major features.

This hands-on tutorial covers "a little about a lot": practical introductions to the most common facilities. This tutorial is fun, fast-paced, and targeted to newcomers to both Python web application development and the Pyramid web framework.

We will use PyCharm Professional for the tutorial.  Participants may use any editor or IDE of their choosing, although a few features in PyCharm, such as automated creation of a Pyramid project, might not be available in their other choice.

Participants can download and install PyCharm Professional for their platform at:

Participants in this tutorial can use the Professional version for free for an extended period of 3 months using the promotional code STEVEPIERCY3.

The code will be activated on 4 December.  The code must be redeemed by 13 December.  The code can be used for new, individual PyCharm Professional licenses.

Additionally we will use a new beta feature in PyCharm and all JetBrains IDEs called Code With Me.

This feature allows the instructor as a Host to share their environment in real-time with the participants as Guests.  The Host will provide a link to Guests to download a special, free, lightweight IntelliJ client from JetBrains, then connect to the Host.  Code With Me has a limit of 20 participants, 5 of which can edit the documents and control the instructor's PyCharm IDE in real-time.

If there is available time, we can build a real web application or API.

In addition all PloneConf attendees can get PyCharm Professional for 20% off with the code PLONE20.

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Pyramid training

When: From 12/5/20 3:00 PM to 12/5/20 7:00 PM CET — Download iCal